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The Center for Somatic Grieving (CSG) offers a safe, welcoming space for all who are seeking greater purpose and connection in their lives. Grief is a powerful catalyst for personal growth and change. CSG offers space to intimately create a compassionate community that honors our differences and celebrates the unique path we walk in our journey of grief. 


CSG's somatic, mindfulness-based training and programs are geared towards those who are willing to go deep and allow their grief to serve as an opportunity for greater self-inquiry, awareness, and personal transformation.


All of our programs are rooted in the ancient yogic teachings of meditation and somatic awareness in combination with the power of reflection and being witnessed in your authentic experience. 

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Mindful Grieving Programs

From the Founder of Grief Support Network, Wendy Stern offers a mindfully curated offering of retreats,
mindful grieving programs and a unique 200hr Mindful Grieving Yoga Teacher Training.


Awakening Through Grief
Wellness Retreat


September 2022 and January 2023

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Mindful Grieving 200hr 
A Yoga Therapy Teacher Training 


October 2022


Mindful Grieving 
9 Month Program


October 2022


"It becomes quickly apparent that Wendy comes from a place that only authenticity can create. Her level of compassion brings deep listening and truly insightful responses, especially during the group sharing sessions. I was deeply moved by this course and I look forward to redoing the yoga sessions over and over as I gently move my body and mind out of a long dance with grief."