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Mindful Connections 6 Week Teen Program

Our Mindful Connections Program for Teens provides an intimate, safe container for you to feel, express, share, and better understand your grief in a community setting as you get to know your strengths and learn to navigate the transitions in your lives. This program offers you a place of refuge, where you can acquire tools, gain self-awareness in a supportive community and experience a healthy framework for dealing with grief, loss and the challenges of being a teen in the world today.

Dates: Sundays, 4 - 6p. September 17th and 24th, October 1st, October 22nd, 29th and November 5th, 2023.
(no class on October 8th and 15th)
Location: My Boulder Studio, Boulder, CO
Facilitator: Nancy Gruskay, CSG Facilitator, Waldorf Teacher of 30 years
Cost: $350 - Payment Plan Available

No child will be turned away.
Scholarship available upon request - please email Wendy for information.

Space is limited.

This six week program will offer you a space to connect to yourself, your body, and your breath. You will be supported through meditation and contemplation, journaling, sharing with each other, and integrating your experience into your body through yoga.

Each week will focus on a different theme as a launching point for self-inquiry. Creating a safe container for self-expression is the foundation of our program. 

The program will progress through the following monthly themes:
  • Creating Our Community

  • Learning to Be Present & Listening to My Body

  • Self-Love & Acceptance

  • Understanding My Emotions as a Teacher

  • Exploring Personal Identity and Purpose

  • Embracing Change

All participants are asked to commit to a code of how the group will share together. Below are the sharing guidelines that the group will follow:
  • Confidentiality: All that is shared stays within the circle and is not to be shared with others outside of the circle. If you see another participant outside of the circle, please do not bring up what they shared as they may not be in a space to discuss it. Participants are welcome to bring up their own share.

  • Speak from your Heart / Use ‘I’ Statements:  Participants are guided to share their experiences using I statements. All experience is valid and whatever they feel is ok.

  • No CrossTalk: This guideline ensures that each participant has full permission and space to express what they are feeling without another member interjecting to offer a comment, advice, suggestions or sharing of how it relates to him or herself. This allows each participant to share without fear of being judged or another person trying to fix their problem. The facilitator is the only person who comments on each share, through the form of validation or to offer a teaching point for the group. This includes the chat function.

  • No Sharing of Graphic Details: refrain from sharing graphic details because this can be overwhelming for others. Especially, if the nature of your experience includes violence or circumstances that were particularly disturbing to you. This is appropriate in individual sessions but not group.

Meet your Facilitator: Nancy Gruskay

Nancy’s passion is supporting young people in realizing their strengths and navigating life’s challenges. A dedicated Waldorf educator for 30 years, her gift has been developing deep and meaningful relationships with students and their families. With mastery of the developmental phases from birth to 17, her career also included educating and counseling parents on how to support their children and teens in school and at home.

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“The most important thing I learned is that I am not alone in my grief. While it felt very lonely and like no one could possibly understand what I was going through before, I now know that there is a community where people do understand and that I will not feel this way forever.” 

Mindful Connections Participant

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