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Nancy Gruskay

Nancy’s passion is supporting young people in realizing their strengths and navigating life’s challenges. A dedicated Waldorf educator for 30 years, her gift has been developing deep and meaningful relationships with students and their families. With mastery of the developmental phases from birth to 17, her career also included educating and counseling parents on how to support their children and teens in school and at home.

Nancy got a crash course in grief and self-care when she, her mother and sister received cancer diagnoses the same year. She was presented with the challenge of taking care of her two young children, showing up for students, and being present for her sister and her mother who were also beginning cancer treatment. In time, Nancy lost her mother and sister to cancer; her father passed not long after. With little time to recover between losses, grief became a daily part of her life.

Nancy was grateful to find Awakening Through Grief, a six week yoga therapy program, which offered an embodied practice of feeling and staying in the moment. Grieving with others brought her closer to herself and the healing power of presence. She participated in GSN’s 9 month course, From Grief to Gratitude. Nancy completed the 200 hour RYT through Shambhava Yoga and completed GSN’s Mindful Grieving 200 Hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Program. She is honored to be a GSN Yoga Therapy Facilitator, helping others find peace through the journey of transformation. Her compassion, wisdom, and ability to listen deeply from the heart, make Nancy a trustworthy guide on the journey from grief to gratitude.


Nancy Gruskay
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