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Monica Bruzza

More than two decades ago Monica began her practice and study of yoga. Between then and now, a dedication to yoga and mindfulness has provided the structural lenses, tools and methods, inspiration, and communities that have supported her in processing life as life is. Monica’s own personal experience of life-changing loss showed her that perhaps there is no more profound path to true inner-knowing than great suffering. The mindfulness and yoga container continues to bolster the curious and compassionate deep dive into her own self-inquiry. She aims to share her interpretation and integration of these offerings, in a way that meets participants with a come as you are, take what you need approach – witnessing and reflecting with an open mind and heart as they explore tapping into and trusting their own inner-knowing.

Monica has certifications in yoga including the Center for Somatic Grieving 200 hour Mindful Grieving Yoga Therapy Program. She holds degrees in nursing and sports medicine – health and exercise science, and is a licensed massage therapist.

Monica is based in Colorado but travels well and is infinitely grateful for the abundant resource her connection to nature provides, no matter the environment.


Monica Bruzza
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