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Mindful Grieving Affiliate Programs
Mindful Grieving Affiliate Programs

CSG's Certified Mindful Grieving Facilitators are now partnering with us to run affiliate programs! Some are in-person and located throughout the world, others are specific to a population or type of loss. Each are a high-quality program, following CSG's signature curriculum, and led by an experienced and qualified facilitator.

Upcoming Offerings


Mindful Grieving 6 Week Program

for Those Experiencing Autoimmune Dis-ease

Facilitator: Laura Cummings

Date / time: Wednesdays, 12 - 2 PM mst, September 14th - October 19th.

Held virtually via zoom.

Investment: $250

Program Description: This Mindful Grieving 6 Week Program guides participants through a process of self-inquiry to not only move through the impact of autoimmune dis-ease in our lives but to also experience greater clarity and understanding of our purpose and life path. Losing our health to autoimmune issues can often cause us to question, or even redefine, our identity and lifestyle. It is a grieving process as we lose our health, we suffer loss of identity, we have to endure massive changes in lifestyle, our social life is greatly affected losing community and friends, and even loss of income due to Illness or the massive cost of health care today. This can be a confusing and difficult place to be, but through the support of a loving community, participants are guided to discover new parts of themselves and grow; not in spite of their health, but because of it. Space is limited to 10 participants and will be on a first-come basis.

Mindful Grieving
6 Week Program Details

6 Week 

Programs Includes:

  • 1 2-hour yoga class/week

  • 1 audio meditation/week

  • 1 journal exercise/week

  • Weekly themes for guidance

Weekly Themes Include:

  • Creating a Safe Container to Grieve In

  • Presence & Body Awareness

  • Unconditional Love & Acceptance

  • Grief as a Teacher

  • Evolution of Identity Through Grief

  • The Process of Change

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